Apostle (Engr.) Kehinde Showemimo
Lagos State PCRC Chairman

PCRC is a community policing based organization established by the Leadership of Nigeria Police Force since 1984 to foster partnership between the Police and the community with a view to enhance efficient and effective policing of communities in Nigeria. Members are drawn from all the strata of the society. It is a non religious, political, gender, nor tribal biased but structured along police formations such as Divisions, Area commands, State commands, and Zonal commands up to National components. It has since been promoting the concept of community policing in Nigeria especially in Lagos State and as such deepening relations between the communities and police.

Consequently, the PCRC engages in information gathering and disseminat on to appropriate Police authorities and also provides logistic, medical, moral and material support to the Police. PCRC among other things,also engages in Advocacy, Capacity Building, Workshops, Seminars, Public Campaigns anc more importantly Police Public image laundering with a view to improving the confidence of the Public in the ability of the Nigeria Police to secure the community. We often collaborate with organizations/i ndividuals/governme nt agencies with such passion for improved security of lives and properties iri our society. read more…….

How to join the PCRC

Membership is opened to all adult citizens of Nigeria irrespective of tribe, state of origin, religion and political affiliations. Members shall be persons of self-discipline, law-abiding, honest, respectful and dedicated to the ideals of the Association. Persons adjudged to be insane or under any conviction by the Nation’s law court shall not be admitted to the Association. All financial members shall be issued membership Identity cards and shall forfeit same on ceasing to be members of the Association (PCRC).

Anyone wishing to be a member should follow the following steps:

  1. Confirm the name of the nearest police station to where you live.
  2. Go to “Our Structure” menu and get the name and phone number of the PCRC Divisional Chairman of your nearest police station
  3. Fill our online admission form by clicking this link admission form